🚯💩🗑 See it, report it! #KeepGorgieClean

We were shocked to discover the latest statistics on litter, dumping and dog waste in Gorgie led to only 38 reports in 8 months.


We are keen to encourage everybody to use the appropriate services for waste collection and to manage their rubbish responsibly so the Council can improve their waste service.

If you see any litter, dog waste or fly tipping in the local area, please report it by taking photos and reporting via Twitter to @edinhelp with specific location (we find this the quickest and easiest method).


Alternatively, please report it by email, phone, or using the Council's online forms:



Overflowing bins


Missed bin collections


Order an uplift (from the council £5 per item)


Dog fouling



Fly posting


Needles and syringes

Tweet @edinhelp

📧 waste@edinburgh.gov.uk

☎️ 0131-608-1100

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Also check out our sister campaigns, Keep SBP Clean (Sighthill, Broomhouse & Parkhead) and Keep SMS Clean (Saughton Mains & Stenhouse).

🚯💩🗑 See it, report it! #KeepGorgieClean