Sighthill Recycling Centre



HWRCs will reopen from Monday, June 1, on an appointment only basis.

Edinburgh City Council say this is to minimise crowding and help staff and customers to maintain physical distancing. The council are also encouraging the public only to visit if necessary and if waste can’t be stored safely at home as an early rush is expected. 


A dedicated online booking system for HWRCs will be available on the Council website from 29th May in the afternoon though it won’t be possible to book visits over the phone. During the initial period only cars will be permitted on-site, no vans or trailers, and staff will not be able to help unload vehicles so people are being urged to only take what they can carry.


Sighthill Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)


Sighthill HWRC is one of three HWRCs in Edinburgh (other two are in Seafield and Craigmillar) owned and operated by the City of Edinburgh Council.


Sighthill HWRC

Bankhead Avenue


EH11 4EA

Phone Number

0131 608 1100

Opening Hours

Monday 9am–5pm

Tuesday 9am–5pm

Wednesday 9am–5pm

Thursday 9am–6:30pm

Friday 9am–5pm

Saturday 9am–5pm

Sunday 9am–5pm

What you can bring

To make your visit as quick and easy as possible, please separate your materials before your visit into:

  • garden waste: flowers, plants, garden weeds, grass clippings, hedge trimmings and leaves

  • bricks, rubble and loose soil

  • solid wood

  • MDF and laminates

  • packaging: empty aerosols, aluminium foil, cans, any cardboard, envelopes, food tins and plastic bottles

  • paper: magazines, newspaper, shredded paper, telephone directories and all other types of white paper

  • carpet

  • books, films, music: originals only

  • textiles and bras: all clothing, paired footwear, handbags and belts 

  • metal

  • car batteries

  • gas bottles - must be empty

  • light bulbs - only energy saving or fluorescent tubes

  • large electrical equipment: washing machines, dishwashers and cookers

  • fridges and freezers 

  • small electrical equipment: irons, hairdryers, IT or telephone equipment, tools and game consoles

  • glass jars and bottles

  • household batteries

  • mattresses

  • paint pots - paint must be dried out by adding sand, sawdust or cat litter until solid

  • tyres

  • TV and monitors

  • cooking oil 

  • household waste that cannot be recycled known as non recyclable waste.

What you cannot bring

The Council cannot accept any:

  • liquid paint - all paint must be dried out or have sand or cat litter added

  • fuels: petrols and diesel

  • explosives: fireworks, flares and airbags

  • firearms

  • fire extinguishers

  • diving bottles - for scuba diving

  • poisons

  • asbestos or materials containing asbestos

  • biological waste

  • heavy metals: mercury, thermometers and barometers

  • any commercial, trade and commercial waste.


The Council cannot accept items for re-use. Find out how to re-use household items.

Find out what to do with many items on Recycle for Scotland. Find out how to safely dispose of items on the Resource Efficient Scotland website.

Sighthill Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Site Rules

Before accessing the centre you must read and accept the site rules:

  • you must follow instructions given by staff for your safety

  • children and animals must remain in your vehicle at all times

  • only Edinburgh residents with their own household waste can use recycling centres

  • commercial, trade or business waste is not allowed

  • you must observe speed limits and traffic flow signs - reversing is not allowed

  • all waste must be sorted and deposited in the correct container

  • only authorised contractors may remove materials.

The City of Edinburgh Council will prosecute anyone who threatens or assaults their staff.


What vehicles are allowed into recycling centre

  • Only Edinburgh residents in domestic vehicles can use the recycling centres.

  • Liveried vans are not allowed at any centre. Vans with no branding are only allowed if you bring two forms of identification, such as your utility bill and your driving licence or passport.

  • If you're using a hire van you must bring the hire documents and two forms of identification, such as your utility bill and your driving licence or passport.

  • Staff can refuse access to anyone who fails to produce the correct documents.

This information can be found on the City of Edinburgh Council website.